Therapy for people who are tired of making themselves small

Maybe you have been told that you need to be smaller. Thinner. Quieter. Less angry. Take up less space and be less demanding. I believe that no one is too much, and that attempting to squeeze ourselves into a too tight box is damaging. At the same time, we have to survive and function in a society that has strict and often punitive norms, so it's not always possible to "be yourself."

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I am a therapist offering services to individuals and couples. I specialize in intimacy issues, emotional overwhelm, and queer, trans, non-binary and gender-expansive identities. Currently my caseload is 40% adolescents and 60% adults. My clients are unique, resilient survivors who have learned to adapt to life's inevitable challenges with their own personal brand of grit and humor. 

My style is relational-- meaning I am a real person who is invested in forming a relationship with you that feels good and facilitates healing. In session, we will co-create a space where you can grow in the ways you need.

I also have a passion for working with teens and young adults. As a San Francisco native and previous high school academic tutor, I can empathize with the uniquely overwhelming pressure of the Bay Area high school experience. I feel particularly called to work with teens who are socially anxious, shy, perfectionists, overachievers, autistic, have learning disabilities or ADHD, or are questioning their gender and sexuality.

Scientific research has shown that the best predictor of success in therapy is the strength of the relationship we form together. In other words- we have to like each other! I encourage you to reach out and see if the vibe is right, and to trust your intuition. There's no forcing a good connection.

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