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Everyone in life wants to be happy. But how do we get there, and what does it mean to be truly satisfied with life? How do we form lasting relationships that are reciprocal, meaningful, and joyful? How do we find purpose and ease if we are working all the time or worrying about the state of the world?

Let's talk about it. 

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I am a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist offering contemporary psychoanalytic psychotherapy to adults and adolescents with trauma or relational difficulties. 

I work best with people who are committed to therapy and who want to go deep-- writers, artists, healthcare workers, or folks who think and feel deeply about themselves, their culture, and the world around them. I feel particularly skilled at helping folks with emotional overwhelm, fear of intimacy, and spiritual/existential concerns. 


I identify as white, queer, and female, and I always take into account the sociopolitical context of my clients. I work with mostly queer, trans and non-binary clients, and I view societal oppression as a crucial force in people's lives. I am kink and polyamory affirming, and I strive to acknowledge and grapple with my privilege as a white person.

My style is relational-- meaning I am a real person who is invested in forming a relationship with you that feels good and facilitates healing. In session, we will co-create a space where you can grow in the ways you need.

Scientific research has shown that the best predictor of success in therapy is the strength of the relationship we form together. In other words- we have to like each other! I encourage you to reach out and see if the vibe is right, and to trust your intuition. There's no forcing a good connection.

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