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Indvidual therapy

People come to therapy with me because their relationships aren't working, or because past trauma is haunting them and keeping them from living a full life. 

I am passionate about long term, relational therapy. "Relational" means we look at your relationships and our relationship to figure out where you are stuck and help you move through it. I also incorporate mindfulness, grounding exercises, and somatic resourcing to help you stay within your window of tolerance and feel engaged in the present moment.

Over time, relational therapy is a powerful way to shift longstanding patterns and get unstuck. 


EMDR for performance enhancement and trauma treatment

I use EMDR to help professionals, particularly in high-pressure tech environments, reach their peak performance. EMDR therapy acts on the nervous system, clearing obstacles from past experiences and fostering a mindset for success. Ideal for those preparing for critical moments like coding exams or job interviews, my sessions are tailored to enhance your professional journey. 

I also use EMDR for trauma and relationship struggles. EMDR works to treat phobias, process either childhood or recent trauma, build resiliency, and manage stressful triggers.


Whether your are looking for EMDR to process trauma or increase your performance at work, we will create a treatment plan together based your struggles and your goals. 


Digital Programmer

Teen and Family Therapy

I love working with trans, non-binary and autistic children and teenagers. Some teenagers will want to work one on one with me and other treatment may involve the whole family.


I am also particularly skilled at providing family therapy that involves all adult members. Through family therapy, we can work on restoring trust after a period of estrangement, set and honor boundaries, and improve communication. Trans and non-binary adults often come to me looking for help connecting with their cisgender parents or struggling with coming out issues in the family. 



2282 Union Street

San Francisco, CA  94123

‪(415) 890-5380‬

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