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Image by Jacob Buchhave

My approach


Here are ways I can support you:

  • Humanistic: I believe you are the expert on your own life and that you can begin to change once you accept yourself

  • Psychodynamic: looking at how the past influences the present

  • Neurodiversity affirming: some therapies, like ABA, seek to "cure" people of autistic traits and are incredibly harmful. I believe it's more important to learn to accept yourself as a complex human being who lives in an ableist world

  • Mindfulness and somatic: bringing awareness to the present moment, figuring out how to resource and ground in a way that feels good

  • Trauma-informed: going slow with challenging material, understanding that trauma is rooted in the body, and always seeking consent and collaboration within the therapeutic relationship

  • EMDR: I am currently completing a certificate in EMDR, an evidence-based method of soothing distress and processing trauma and phobias

  • Social justice: bringing attention to how the forces of racism, sexism, classism and other forms of oppression stunt our full expression, and working to change those systems

  • DBT: a powerful set of tools to help self-soothe and emotionally regulate. I don't shy away from practical skills

  • Emotionally focused: rooted in the understanding of the importance of our attachment needs, and striving to increase emotionally vulnerable communication in couples




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